Design to Realisation

Leverage Exception's knowledge to optimise Product Life Cycle

Exception understands the pressures involved in developing new Electronics products. In most projects, there are resource and time constraints that may mean that critical issues may not be explored fully or options for maximising design effectiveness are not considered. Based on continued pressures from customers to enhance our design for manufacturing services, Exception developed the concept of the Integrated Design Service (IDS) which provides phone and web conferencing access to a dedicated multi national team, made up of experts in:

  • NPI processes and workflow
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Integrating the latest technology into designs
  • Contract Electronic Manufacturing

The team typically engage with customers at the start of the product lifecycle, by assessing the initial design and producing options for improving technical and manufacturing outcomes.

This options phase typically includes:

  • Development of an achievable design for the complete product lifecycle
  • Mapping of a scalable platform for accelerated transition from NPI to volume offshore production (PCB & PCBA)
  • Identifying component selection and obsolesence management
  • Determining technology specific test strategies