Minimise risk and cost throughout your Product LifeCycle

Typically, Electronics companies use local manufacturers for NPI and prototyping, then a separate company or agent when they move to offshore production. At this stage five things tend to happen:

  • You get charged for (re)tooling
  • You have to share your data with an offshore supplier
  • You may encounter version control issues
  • You have to take a view on when to cutover exclusively to the offshore option
  • Up front payment

Each of these issues involves risk and/or cost. eXception offers an alternative route where your relationship stays onshore (if in UK), and we manage the complete product lifecycle so that:

  • You are only charged once for tooling
  • We jointly develop a plan with you for the transition to offshore at NPI/prototyping stage
  • Your data is kept onshore and secure
  • You build in redundancy to your supply chain - if for any reason the offshore production is interrupted, you have a nearshore manufacturing capability on demand

Events such as the March 2011 Japan earthquake highlighted the need for Supply Chain planning to include the need for continuity - eXception provides a unique proposition that reduces Supply Chain risk and product life cycle costs.