Professional Services

Our creativity and openness resulting from our value system endeavours to bring value to our customers over and above a simple contract manufacturing service. This creativity is visible in areas of cost reduction, quality and reliability improvement, and supply chain initiatives. Creativity is supported by a completely open approach to business. It is our belief that energy should be focused on productive activities in an open environment. This provides a business climate in which both parties can concentrate on improvement of cost and business processes at all levels.

Exception's business strategy to being a technology rich company, combining in-depth services, with focus on Design, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality and Delivery, whilst being relentless with cost management enables our professional services to be key at each and every product launch and implementation of business transfer.

  • Exception has its own in-house PCB layout capability supporting Mentor Graphics and Cadence Allegro EDA design suites, subject to resource and different EDA CAD systems Exception have forged relationships for many years with external partners to extend capability and meet our client's requirements.
  • Exception understands the technology and critical functions of your products and the importance of 100% reliability in full. With that a full test development team are on hand to aid implementing the correct test strategy and methodology to each product design.
  • Exception's Supply Chain solutions team are ideally positioned to co-support driving cost down initiatives through its global team based in the UK and Malaysia, working closely with clients to identify and collaborate key commodity approvals into the supply chain. This delivers a cost effective and onward reliable supply of components for the longevity of product lifecycles.
  • Exception's overall strategy is one of driving new products to market, having a key manufacturing and project management team is essential in collaborating with the client at conceptual stage and aiding the design through a consultative approach of all disciplines that aids taking into a fully productionised product ready for market launch. Exception's NPI managers work at customers premises and deliver detailed project plans to the program managers.