Quality Assurance Requirements Specification for Suppliers to eXception PCB LTD

1- Certificate of Conformity

The manufacturer/supplier shall provide with each shipment a legible and reproducible copy of a certificate stating and declaring compliance to the requirements of the specific eXception PCB LTD Purchase Order listing the following items when relevant:

  • Supplier's name
  • eXception PCB LTD Purchase Order number
  • Item name
  • Technical drawing and/or specification number and revision
  • Lot/batch number – Serial number

A copy of such Certificate of Conformity shall be sent to the following email address: CofC@exceptionpcb.com.

2- Non conforming Item control

The supplier shall fulfill all requirements of the Purchase Order and the attached/referred specifications and technical drawing if applicable. When there is any deviation from any of these requirements, eXception PCB LTD shall be informed in writing and the non conforming item shall not delivered before written authorization of eXception PCB LTD. Unless authorized by eXception PCB LTD, "Repair" and "Use As Is" dispositions shall not be given by supplier.

3- Right of Access

All activities and products covered by a Purchase Order from eXception PCB LTD may be subject to Customer's, Regulatory and Statutory Authority inspection. The supplier will be notified about any Customer/ Regulatory or Statutory Authority activity to be performed

4- Packaging

Unless otherwise specified, the supplier shall package all the items covered by the Purchase Order in a manner that will ensure protection against corrosion, oxidation, damage or any effect that could lead the item into improper condition. Packaging markings shall at least include the following information:

  • Supplier name
  • Part name/ revision number
  • Total quantity of parts inside
  • eXception PBC LTD Purchase Order number

When a secondary packaging contains different items, the primary packaging of these items shall carry at least the part name and the quantity in the primary packaging.

5- Sub-Suppliers

When a Sub-supplier is used to fulfill any requirements covered by the Purchase Order and any technical data attached, it is the responsibility of the supplier of eXception PCB LTD to flow-down all the requirements of the Purchase Order, any attached technical information and the present QA Requirements Specification for Suppliers to eXception PCB LTD.

Under any circumstances, the supplier to whom the eXception PCB LTD Purchase Order is sent to has the final responsibility for the products/service provided. eXception PCB LTD, Regulatory and Statutory Authority representatives shall have right of access to relevant records and audit these sub-suppliers.

6- Records

Unless otherwise specified, all records related to procurement, design, production, inspection/test of the products covered by Purchase Order from eXception PCB shall be kept at least 3 years from the delivery date of the products or service provided. Right of access to these records shall be granted to eXception PCB LTD, Regulatory and Statutory Authority representatives.