Smart Offshoring Maximises Return on Investment

eXception continuously audits the supplier market to ensure best in class partner selection, contracted services and production coupled with customised Supply Chain Solutions

For many companies choosing to migrate their electronics manufacturing or procurement offshore may inhibit a number of concerns and issues not commonly known in local onshore manufacturing. They will typically try the concept directly or through agents or brokers. At eXception we refer to this function as Value Added Reselling - we provide a suite of solutions which add value around our core offering of selecting and managing the optimum suite of offshore manufacturers for your product.

Our experience for over 25 years is that Customers continually face issues with Offshore Procurement agents who:

  • Have a long distance relationship with suppliers, so can't deal with potential problems before they impact quality or delivery (no local representation)
  • Select purely on cost, so assume quality and technology capabilities are equivalent across all suppliers
  • Are "tied" to specific suppliers, either through ownership or legal/commercial agreements, resulting in inertia
  • Don't actively review the market and economic conditions to ensure "best value" for customers
  • Are not fully engaged with the customer managing weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts

By having a proactive Asian presence, eXception actively manages a portfolio with a comprehensive range of technology and production capabilities, ensuring best fit with Customer requirements. In effect, this gives you agility to outsource your requirements to eXception with the reassurance of knowing that there is a local presence managing the production process, and that we can always ensure a best fit with your requirements - if a supplier doesn't meet our expected performance standards at any point in your production lifecycle, we will seamlessly transition to an alternative partner with your consent.