Why Use Exception Services?

Most PCB and CEM websites will give you chapter and verse on their technology and service features. In the past, we've done that as well, until we realised that customers want to know how we can solve their most pressing electronics manufacturing issues, such as:

  • How to maximise the performance of a PCB design
  • How to factor in manufacturing and assembly considerations at the prototype stage to minimise risk downstream
  • How to extend the life of a profitable design
  • How to minimise the risk of mismatched supply versus demand
  • How to successfully transition a design from onshore NPI to offshore production at volume
  • How to minimise the cost and management complexity of sourcing and assembling multiplecomponents from multiple suppliers
  • How to implement a seamless risk-free transition to an Exception off-shore vendor partner
  • How to minimise in-field product failures through best in class testing and quality assurance

We built our business on our reputation for building technically advanced Printed Circuit Boards and offering the most professional CEM suite, including industry leading testing processes. Over the last few years, we've quietly invested in our key skill sets including Design, Engineering, Production, Global Sourcing and Procurement, and Supply Chain Management. Supported by systems and processes designed around customer requirements, we offer an unmatched portfolio of PCB and CEM capabilities which enable us to develop solutions to our Customers' most pressing business challenges.